Eduardo Lerma

Photo of Eddie

Eduardo Lerma is Red Boot’s Supervisor and ensures everything is working correctly in our distillery. This includes checking all materials and components are prepared for packing, boxing, bottling, and canning. He also makes sure our building is clean and our line operation is efficient. As Supervisor, Eduardo helps make Red Boot a happy place for our employees to work and our customers to do business.

Eduardo grew up in Mexico where his parents ran a butcher shop. Observing their business practices, Eduardo has been prepared since an early age with the interpersonal skills to assist clients and delegate tasks to co-workers. Eduardo’s background experience is in mechanical and electrical work, with expertise in fixing machinery. Prior to Red Boot, Eduardo worked in setup and hospitality, helping with hotel conference events.

Red Boot offered Eduardo a new experience, which he learned about through his wife, who is also a fellow employee. He enjoys continuing to learn about each aspect of our growing company and to assist in producing quality products. His work at Red Boot keeps him busy, but when he is not working, Eduardo enjoys going out with his wife and spending time with his family.


Favorite Color:  I have two—blue and purple.

Favorite Beverage: Tea

Hobbies: Watching videos about machines and how they work.

Favorite TV show or Movie: I will watch any movie.

Best piece of advice: Be patient. Think before you talk.

Three words that describe your coworkers: Happy, happy, happy.