Yolanda Morales

Photo of Mirna Yolanda

Yolanda Morales is Red Boot’s Blender, where she helps concoct different drinks with great attention to details like weight, ingredients and proof. As leader on the Blending team, Yolanda ensures our ingredients are assembled and measured correctly to blend a quality concoction. That way, our drinks are each formulated exactly right when the time comes to bottle and can our final product. She enjoys incorporating interesting ingredients and discovering new ways to blend and utilize them to create new flavors.

In Guatemala, where she grew up, Yolanda worked in a similar role crafting a variety of food dishes and condiments. What drew her to Red Boot was the opportunity to continue her work of creating and developing new recipes while further building on her skills. She enjoys being a part of our Red Boot team producing high quality beverages.


Favorite color: Black

Favorite beverage: Coffee (with sugar) and Coca-Cola

Hobbies: I don’t have many. I stay busy.

Favorite TV show or Movie: Anything in Spanish

Best piece of advice: Be happy!

Three words to describe your coworkers: One great team.