Tanner Gilliland

Tanner is our Process Engineer at Red Boot and develops equipment maintenance and production process standards as well as establishes, troubleshoots, and maintains plant machinery. He ensures our machines produce high-quality product packages and continuously helps improve our production process. And sometimes, he brings in cookies for birthdays.

With his responsibilities, Tanner finds every day at the office is a new adventure.

What led Tanner to his role at Red Boot was a desire to broaden his horizons with an opportunity to learn different aspects of how a business like ours operates. He likes that his work here keeps him away from sitting at a desk all day, and he is excited to take part in the installation of our new equipment line that will double our current capacity.

Tanner grew up in Red Oak, Iowa and earned his Mechanical and Electrical Engineering degree from Central College.  Before Red Boot, Tanner was a Research and Development Engineer in the automotive industry where he worked on new and existing vehicle accessories. He has spent a lot of time reading, researching and calling tech support, which fortunately are all activities he finds enjoyment in. Additionally, when he is not at Red Boot, he enjoys working out and eating.


Favorite Color:  Toss-up between teal and matte black

Favorite Beverage: NE IPA

Hobbies: Reading, lifting, BJJ, and the occasional video game

Favorite TV show or Movie: Rick and Morty and Star Wars: Episode VI

Best piece of advice: “The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.”—Socrates

Three words that describe your coworkers: Diligent, scrupulous, altruistic