Lee Raley, PhD

Lee is Red Boot’s Vice President of Research, Development, and Quality. He works directly with our customers to design, create and produce products. As the one who handles all things science and compliance, Lee brings his expertise to formulating beverages and ensuring they are safe, quality products. While every day can be different at Red Boot, Lee enjoys working with his coworkers and the collegial atmosphere of our workplace. He is looking forward to helping Red Boot continue to grow.

A native Floridian, Lee received a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Florida.  He brings over twenty years of experience in the flavors, wine, and spirits industries, which includes working in Florida and New York before and after graduate school. Prior to coming to Red Boot, Lee spent almost 15 years as a scientist in wine and spirits with Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery in California.

When Lee is not at Red Boot diligently overseeing the liquid, safety, and regulation of our production, he is spending time with his daughter and wife.


Favorite color: Purple

Favorite beverage: Moroccan Green Tea

Hobbies: Cooking, gardening, and target shooting.

Favorite TV show or Movie: Blade Runner

Best piece of advice:  You can learn something from everyone.

Three words that describe your coworkers: Professional, nice, busy.