Jay Lauridsen

Photo of Jay

Jay Lauridsen is the Warehouse Manager, or the “go-to” guy, at Red Boot Beverage.  He is responsible for shipping and receiving, maintaining the warehouse, handling customer orders, and providing production with materials. Basically, everybody comes to Jay for what they need to help craft and produce quality products for our customers.

Just prior to working full-time at Red Boot, Jay was in-between jobs helping his friend with a delivery to our former location. After helping with the forklift that day, he was hired on our staff almost immediately. It was a happy accident that Jay helped when he did, and now he is thrilled to be part of our team and this industry, playing his part to help make great products.

Jay grew up in Central Iowa, attending Gilbert High school as well as Iowa State and DMACC. He has an Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering and spent many years gaining factory and production experience, including eleven years working for a window manufacturing company. When he is not working at Red Boot, Jay enjoys spending time with his big family.


Favorite color: Blue

Favorite beverage: Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

Hobbies: I play soccer. I’m the goalkeeper. My wife and I play sand volleyball together.

Favorite TV show or Movie: Lost

Best piece of advice: Work hard. Keep a good work ethic. Good things will come your way.

Three words that describe your coworkers: Exciting. Cheerful. Hard-working