Denisse Martinez

Photo of Denise

Denisse Martinez is Red Boot’s Production and Quality Control, a role which involves a little bit of everything with our production line. Each morning, Denisse makes sure everything is working by the time our production team reports to work. From examining cans and bottles to ensure there are no leaks, to making sure the CO2 levels on our tanks are correct, Denise diligently checks almost every part of the production process. Additionally, she will assist on the production line as part of helping ensure we produce a high-quality product.

With all her responsibilities, Denisse finds time flies by at Red Boot to quickly to be bored.  She is looking forward to the addition of new equipment arriving soon and learning how it will enhance operations. Denisse’s mom is also a fellow Red Boot employee who encouraged her to work here.  Besides the exciting opportunity Denisse finds in her role, she also thinks it is nice to have her mom as a coworker.

Denisse grew up in Mexico and has previous experience working in food service. After graduation, Denise came to work at Red Boot full-time. When she is not at Red Boot overseeing production and quality control, she can sometimes be found on the soccer field playing midfield, mostly defense, during afternoons.


Favorite color:  I used to like red more, but now I’m feeling pink more these days.

Favorite beverage: Passionfruit juice

Hobbies: Soccer

Favorite TV show or Movie: The Mazerunner

Best Piece of Advice: Don’t worry about what other people think of you. If you worry too much about the people’s ideas of you, you won’t make progress.

Three words that describe your coworkers: Many different kinds.